Our Fees

We have tired to make our fees as fair and as straight-forward as possible. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Stage 1: This is the first meeting where we will discuss your plans and objectives. We will discuss different aspects of your goals, whether it be retirement, protection, inheritance planning or investments. We will also use this time to explore any questions you may have about us and our advice process. We will cover the cost of this meeting.

Stage 2: Creating a financial plan. We will take the information from stage 1, along with some base assumptions, and look into the future to see if your goals are likely to be met. We will then sit down with you and go through the report and any action points that may arise. This can often provoke a conversation about what changes can be made and what your priorities are. The cost of this stage is £750 but this can be reduced to £195 if you are willing to complete some forms yourself.

Stage 3: If any of the action points lead to us providing specific advice there is an advice and implementation fee which is dependent on the complexity of the advice:

Simple: This would typically involve setting up a single investment or pension policy with either a lump sum or regular monthly investment. £1,000

Intermediate: Typically, this would involve moving an existing investment/pension to an alternative plan. You may be approaching retirement and want advice on how to take any pension income. £1,500 (plus 1% of any plans that need transferring)

Complex: You may have multiple investments and pension plans that need to be reviewed, tax implications or lifetime allowance or inheritance issues. £2,500 (plus 1% of any plans that need transferring)

Stage 4: This is our review service. We will review your circumstances, plans and goals every year to make sure we are still on track and make any necessary changes. We will also update you with valuations, market updates, investment reviews and check your risk approach remains appropriate. The cost of this service is tiered based on the value of your plans:

Value of plans Charge per annum
The first £200,000 1%
£200,000 – £600,000 0.6%
£600,000 – £1,000,000 0.4%
£1,000,000 and over 0.25%